Thursday, January 25, 2007

Tory Crime

The Mayor of Harpenden has been charged with misconduct in a public office. John Chambers (Conservative)of Ridgewood Drive, Harpenden, Herts, was charged after an incident in November last year.

Mr Chambers, 67, who was first elected as a town councillor in 1999, will appear before Central Hertfordshire Magistrates Court on 9 February.

The married father-of-two served in the fire and ambulance services and has been presented with the Queen's Award for Long Service and Good Conduct.

**********Update 9th Feb**********
Seems our Mayor has pissed of the local police somewhat by grassing them up to a pub landlord over an intended raid. No doubt in the fullness of time it will turn out that Chambers is a personal friend of landlord or has some financial interest in the pub in question, but we'll have to wait til June for the outcome

Mayor Appears In Court


sisyphus said...

I hear this fine upright citizen is the subject of TWO complaints to the Standards Board for England and Wales for "failing to treat others with respect and bringing his office or authority into disrepute" and a further complaint that as a member of a planning committee he has repeatedly failed to disclose personal interests in planning applications. Will he do the honourable thing and fall on his sword? Don't bet on it.

Anonymous said...

Most notorious bung taker of our time. A truly unpleasant man who is according to him a local entrepeneur. We actuallly know he is a window cleaner.

Called in by the police last year for verbally asaulting a 14 year old for skatebaording too loudly in his street. Bluffed his way out in the eggiest manner possible.

"If I am to be accused of doing anything it is of doing my duty etc.."

Duty being threatening to assault at 14 year old kid.

Anonymous said...

Two of Chambers colleagues decide to resign the party - rats - sinking ship. They dont want to be associated with him when it all blows up.