Monday, March 12, 2007

More Labour Fraud

Thanks to an anonymous commenter on my previous post who chips in with "its hasnt come out yet but will over the next few weeks i have had a small hand in this and can tell you it is labour who are implicated and the dirty bastards are up to the neck in it"

Well done friend, keep up the good work and let's screw these bastards even harder

The fraud squad is investigating allegations that some Stoke-on-Trent city councillors have been fiddling thousands of pounds of expenses. Detectives are ploughing through a dossier which claims to lift the lid on a scam involving at least 12 current or former local politicians.

Some councillors are alleged to have submitted vastly inflated mileage figures to boost their expenses for car, taxi and bus travel. The dossier, which has been seen by The Sentinel, appears to show some councillors claiming double or triple the amount they should for journeys on local authority business.

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meg said...

There are none with tastes so expensive as socialists. They truly believe that OUR money is there for the use of. The Awaay from home allowance is a case in point. Labour outguns even the Tories by several thousand a year. No wonder they desire power so much and buy the Muslim block vote to get it.