Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tory Driving Ban

Northampton South MP Brian Binley arrives at court     yesterday to appeal against a speeding ban imposed in March
A JUDGE has ruled that Northampton South MP Brian Binley's six-month driving penalty for speeding should stand, because he had enough funds to provide replacement transport for himself during the ban.
Yesterday he made an appeal before Northampton Crown Court to have the ban overturned as it would mean his constituents would suffer "undue hardship" if he could not drive to appointments.

The 65-year-old county councillor was banned for six months in March by Towcester magistrates after admitting travelling at 37mph in his Jaguar XJ6 in a 30mph zone in Wellingborough.

More on this miscreant here

1 comment:

Robertocarlo said...

Hang on a minute, hasn't Harriet Harmon just got away with her SECOND speeding offence without a ban?

You're in the wrong party Mr Binley, get yourself shifted to Labour quick if you want to speed again - and get away with it!