Friday, May 09, 2008

Conservative Councillor - Cancer claim

A newly elected Tory councillor has resigned after he allegedly made up claims that he had been suffering from cancer.

Darren Gilbert, 22, was elected to represent Hatfield Central on Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council during the local elections last Thursday.

But Mr Gilbert yesterday resigned from the post after it was alleged he made up claims that he was suffering from cancer while employed by Tesco.

Mr Gilbert from Hatfield, Hertfordshire, had been employed at the Welham Green depot from November 2003 until last year.

A supermarket source, who didn't wish to be named, said Mr Gilbert had resigned ahead of a disciplinary hearing.

He said the former Tory councillor had made up claims that he had been suffering from testicular cancer.

He said that Mr Gilbert had even created a forged letter claiming to be from a Harley Street clinic detailing his illness.

A Tesco spokesman confirmed that Mr Gilbert had worked for the supermarket giant, but said it was not possible to comment on the employment records of former staff.

Once the allegations of the the claims surfaced an investigation was launched by the council.

Council leader Tory John Dean explained: "It was alleged that Mr Gilbert had made up claims that he had cancer while working in a previous job.

"Unfortunately, at his selection interview he failed to disclose certain aspects of his past employment.

"As soon as the Welwyn Hatfield Association were made aware of this we made our own enquiries.

"Mr Gilbert resigned from his position yesterday. He is no longer a Conservative councillor.


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