Thursday, November 12, 2009

Conservative Councillor - Disrepute, fraud

Some Cabbage and Bertha Joseph

Councillor Bertha Joseph has been suspended as a councillor for six months following a decision last night (13 Oct 09) by Brent Council's Standards Committee.

The committee met to consider allegations of breaches of the Councillor Code of Conduct by Councillor Joseph. The committee found that Councillor Joseph failed to register within 28 days receipt of gifts of cash from two local businesses amounting to £900 and recommended that Councillor Joseph pay the sum of £900 to the current Mayor's charity. The committee also found that Councillor Joseph brought her office into disrepute and used her position as Mayor to gain an advantage for herself by obtaining sponsorship in the context of the Mayor's Charity Ball which she used to buy clothes for her personal use.

The hearing was held in public but Councillor Joseph did not attend.

The effect of the suspension is that Councillor Joseph will not be able to perform council duties until the end of the suspension period. This includes constituency work and any formal business of the council.

Councillor Joseph has a right to apply to the Adjudication Panel for permission to appeal the decision.


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