Friday, November 24, 2006

Lib Dems in the Jailhouse

Mozaquir Ali and Manzur Hussain

Two Liberal Democrat councillors from Lancashire have been jailed for trying to rig a local election.

Manzur Hussain, 58, and Mozaquir Ali, 44, defrauded dozens of voters during the 2004 local government elections. The men, who were sitting on Burnley Council at the time, collected signed proxy vote forms door-to-door and filled them in themselves. At Preston Crown Court they were each sentenced to 18 months for falsifying postal proxy votes.

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shieldwall said...

BN,you are an asset,well done sir for a great idea,I think you will be kept very busy with this particular website,THEY ARE ALL AT IT,so to say,it exposes them for what they are HYPOCRITES and CRIMINALS.

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

Cheers Shieldwall. In the coming year we are going to find out just how many of those we elect into office are disgusting liars cheats and thieves. I have a feeling this list could get quite big quite soon

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Every now and then should list a compilation "so far" - name, Party, offence. Bit like Religion of Peace has a running compilation of Islamic terror attacks.

Did that make sense?

Then publicise the entire list as much as possible just before any set of elections.