Tuesday, February 07, 2012

David Parsons: Financial irregularities

Tory Councillor David Pearsons (Leicestershire County Council leader)

David Parsons has been accused of not promptly repaying money that he owed for trips to Europe, A county council report found debts were built up in 2007 but Mr Parsons has denied any wrongdoing.

A cross-party committee of councillors at the county council met on Monday to discuss a report into the allegations against Mr Parsons.

In addition to not promptly repaying travel expenses, the report raised concerns Mr Parsons frustrated the investigation by not giving permission for the inquiry to see details of the travel costs he claimed.

David Parsons (Leicestershire County Council leader) at one stage, owed debts of £5,400 built up and in one year, no repayments were made.



UK Fred said...

What is all the fuss about? This man is a Labour councillor. That means that he is entitled to any monies that he claimed and the nextr Labour government will change the law retrospectively so that not only will he not have to pay it back, but that he will be entitled to compensation for any distress caused by any accusations made that adversely criticise his entitlement. You people have no understanding of political perspective making accusations like this! Oh, and for the sake of all Labour supporters reading this, it was meant sarcasticly.

Zultra said...

So following your logic UK fred Sarkozy is entitled to his £10,000 a day for food?

Just because he is a cllr doesn't entitle him to the till, he claims money, he pays it back, it's only fair.

Anonymous said...

He's a Tory and he needs the money to keep his Jag nice and clean. These Poles charge over £5 for a full valet nowadays. Time to move the Ukranians in soon!

Incidentally, isn't that the Council with a nationalist member?

Anonymous said...

Parson is also a leading member (if not the Chairman) of the Local Government Association, a body that represents Councillors and has a reputation for integrity.
My goodness, what a country we live in.

Anonymous said...

He's a Tory and Not Labour. You need to change the tag line under the photo.