Monday, February 20, 2012

Geoff Wiseman: bullying

Geoff Wiseman

Tory councillor Geoff Wisman has been suspended after allegations of bullying and intimidation.

Complaints were made against Geoff Wiseman, the councillor for Middle Rasen, dating back to late April 2010 when he is believed to have repeatedly sworn at one officer at Lincolnshire County Council and called her a liar.

On July 1, 2010, Mr Wiseman is then said to have used inappropriate language and expletives towards other officers at the county council at a meeting of the Lincolnshire Performance Management Group.

Complaints have also been made regarding inappropriate and intimidating incidents from within the district council, bringing his office into disrepute.

Mr Wiseman also threatened to "string up" a monitoring officer at the district council who was involved in the investigation of his conduct.

The decision to suspend Mr Wiseman was made by the West Lindsey District Council standards committee, after a meeting which Mr Wiseman attended.

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