Friday, February 17, 2012

Penny Jackman: Assault

Penny Jackman (tory)

A town hall by-election ended in violence when a 72-year-old candidate was slapped by a Conservative councillor.

UKIP member Mike Beggs was attending the count at Lymington Town Hall when he was struck by Tory Penny Jackman, a member of the district council and the New Forest National Park Authority.

Mr Beggs, of Lymington, said the blow broke the four-tooth bridge in his upper left jaw and had caused him sleepless nights.

Cllr Jackman took exception to Mr Beggs's election leaflets, which mentioned the controversial attempt by the town council to evict Lymington cricket Club from the town centre ground it has occupied for 175 years.

The leaflets cited one meeting at which Cllr Jackman clashed with the cricketers and told a fellow councillor: “Let's shut the buggers down.”

Mr Beggs said he was subjected to a “tirade” of abuse by Cllr Jackman at the count and was suddenly slapped in the face.


Anonymous said...

I don't like UKIP so I'm glad she whacked him

Anonymous said...

So do you believe that common assault causing bodily harm should be part of the normal U.K. political process?
If so can I slap Cameron and Clegg, please?