Monday, February 27, 2012

Narraser Gordon: Deceiving

Narraser Gordon (Labour Youth Officer and Black and Minority Ethnic Officer)

Narraser Gordon, 24, claimed at the Labour Party's conference in September that eight of her family members had been killed in Bristol.

After a standing ovation from politicians, local newspapers picked up on the Labour youth officer's speech.

BBC Inside Out has found most of the people she said were dead are alive.

Ms Gordon told the conference: "I'm here to talk about why the young people are dying before they can even see the age of 21.

"This is an issue causing a problem in all the cities in the UK, including... my own area of Bristol, with eight of my family members being murdered here."

Zultra's Notes: What is a "Black and Minority Ethnic Officer"?


Anonymous said...

Talking out of her arse...

agricultural investments said...

Its like crying rape when none happened. And yes, what Is a "black and minority police officer" after all - half black and half Asian?

David Bayliss said...

Narraser is my ex girlfriend and she has alot of personal issues clearly, she lied to me about various things during our short lived relationship, she claims to suffer from bi polar which would explain her affinity for dishonesty.