Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tory/Independant Sex

A West Bromwich councillor who sold his girlfriend for sex to help pay the mortgage is to be sentenced. Alan Birkitt, 48, of Beaconview Road, advertised his girlfriend on the internet.

More than 20 men paid for her services at the couple's home, while Birkitt sat in the room next door. Prosecutor Stuart Clarkson, opening the case at Wolverhampton Crown Court on Monday, said the woman had an IQ of 52 and had mild learning disabilities.

He said men paid her £50 for intercourse and over several months she earned around £1,300.


According to Sandwell Councils website Birkitt is standing as an independant, however the Daily Mirror if it is to believed are cliaming the piece of human excrement is a former tory

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meg said...

Apparently the woman had learning difficulties as well. What a disgusting little man.