Friday, September 14, 2007

And Another Lib Dem Paedophile

A middle-aged businesswoman has been jailed for six years for her part in a paedophile ring that met on the internet and abused two children.
Church-going Monica McCanch, 55, linked up with school governor Archibald Wood and retail manager Steven Horton to subject a 12-year-old girl and 13-year-old boy to a catalogue of abuse that included rape.

They submitted the youngsters to a six-hour ordeal, forcing them to perform sex acts and to watch as the adults engaged in sex. Last night the trio were starting jail sentences for a total of 42 offences with 17 more taken into consideration.

Horton, who was described by Judge Jeremy Carey at Maidstone Crown Court as the "ringleader", was jailed indefinitely. McCanch, divorced from her grammar school teacher husband, and Wood, a former army major, were each sentenced to six years.

As previously reported Wood was an active member of the Lib Dems

A former Army major and a teacher's wife were exposed yesterday as members of a child abuse ring in which young victims were offered for sex on the Internet.

They subjected two 12-year-olds to an afternoon of abuse which left the youngsters devastated.

Details of their appalling crimes emerged yesterday after they pleaded guilty to 41 child abuse offences with another 17 to be taken into consideration. Horton's offences included child rape.

Twice-married Wood, who has grown-up children, was chairman of the board of governors at Tavistock Community College and a governor at St Rumon's Infants School. As part of his role he had been trained in child protection issues.

An active member of the Liberal Democrats in Tavistock, he was heavily involved in volunteer work.

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