Monday, March 19, 2007

Labour Sex

Gosport councillor Neil Redrup has been charged with sex offences
A councillor has been charged with a string of sexual offences – but has vowed to remain in public life. Gosport councillor Neil Redrup faces a court battle over allegations he set up spy cameras inside his home. Yesterday he was ordered to Gosport Police Station where officers charged him with four counts of voyeurism, one of indecent assault and one of gross indecency.
Pictured is the moment the 45-year-old returned to his home from the station.

He refused to comment on the allegations, but revealed he would not quit. 'Not yet, not until I've been convicted,' he said. 'I'm not giving any comment at all yet.' He will only be thrown off the council if he loses his seat and is sent to prison.

Cllr Redrup has come in for a volley of criticism from fellow councillors. Tory leader Mark Hook said: 'I would have resigned months ago had it been me. 'My fear for him is that should he be found guilty the courts will quite readily make an example of him, because as a councillor he should be upholding everything that is good and up-standing.


Anonymous said...

well being as he has been charged with sex offences related to computers, why is he still allowed to be on the internet preying on 19 year olds in paltalk chat rooms and also in the games rooms, i think this is disgusting that he should still have access to the internet

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

Oh really, so what screen name does he use ?

Anonymous said...

Hitman4uuk is his screen name

Anonymous said...

oh save you searching and all that here is his paltalk profile, Even has his picture on it