Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kosru Uddin: Threats to kill

Kosru Uddin (Labour)

Kosru Uddin, 45, was alleged to have made threats to kill to Rania Khan, a supporter of Independent mayor Lutfur Rahman.

It was reported that screams were heard coming from the town hall as a “violent fracas” erupted on Wednesday night.

One source told a newspaper: “There was violence. It was just chaos.”

It is the latest crisis to hit Tower Hamlets, which is facing a police investigation into claims of electoral fraud at a council bye-election while there have been claims that Mr Rahman is linked to groups supporting extremism.

Trouble erupted at 11.35pm as people left the chamber at the end of the meeting.



Dan McCurry said...
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can you put this on your blog? said...

From this week's Tameside Advertiser:

Councillor uninsured

A COUNCILLOR was caught driving without insurance.

Coun Philip Fitzpatrick,60,admitted driving without insurance at Oldham magistrates court.

He was caught driving along New Radcliffe Street in Oldham.

Magistrates handed Coun Fitzpatrick, of Lovell Drive,Newton,Hyde, a £200 fine,told him to pay £50 costs and put six points on his licence.

Coun Fitzpatrick, who represents Newton on Tameside council and is the chairman of Hyde district assembly, declined to comment.

Tameside Advertiser, page 5.
Thursday 31 May 2012.

Well well well, now isn't this just so amazing. This is the same Philip Fitzpatrick who first got elected as a Labour councillor in Newton back in 2009 after he and his cronies had distributed over 30,000 smear lealets against their BNP rivals.
These anti-BNP leaflets were full of lies and half-truths which gave the electorate the deliberate impression that every BNP member had a criminal conviction. And now we find the very man who got elected for Labour in the said election, after the dirtiest Labour campaign ever undertaken in Tameside in decades, has now been convicted of a criminal offence himself. Typical hypocrisy!

And notice that in the article above, there is no mention of the fact that Fitzpatrick is a LABOUR councillor.

If I had been caught driving uninsured the headline would have read:

Former BNP Candidate In Uninsured Driving Scandal (or similar bulls**t).